Are Heat Pumps More Efficient Than Regular HVAC Units?

There’s nothing like cool indoor air to help combat that hot summer sun! HVAC units and heat pumps are surely great at fending off heat wave after heat wave– but what exactly is the difference between them? And how can you know which of these two cooling powerhouses your home really needs? Are heat pumps actually more efficient than regular HVAC units?

HVAC Units and Heat Pumps

HVAC units and heat pumps are similar in so many ways. Both of them can cool your home by means of displacing heat with the help of a refrigerant. Both air conditioners and heat pumps work to transfer heat from inside your home to the outdoors, resulting in cool air within. Both systems distribute cool air fairly well. Both systems come with relatively high SEER ratings– meaning they are both energy efficient when it comes to cooling, even in the summer! And, to top it all off, the outdoor units of air conditioners even look similar to the outdoor units of air source heat pumps!

So what exactly makes these two cooling systems different?

Heat Pumps: Pros and Cons

Now, there are two types of heat pumps: geothermal heat pumps and air source heat pumps. We’ll be focusing mainly on air source heat pumps, as these are the more affordable of the two, and are the ones more comparable to HVAC units.

Heat Pump Pros

Although air conditioners and heat pumps come with many similarities, heat pumps come with something… extra.

Apart from keeping your indoor air cool, it can also act like a heater or furnace and heat the inside of your home. With a simple tweak of a valve, heat pumps can work in reverse: transferring heat from the outside to the inside. That makes heat pumps perfect for colder seasons– even when the temperatures drop outside, the heat pump can still take in some heat. No need for an additional heater or furnace!

Heat pumps, during moderate temperatures, are also more energy efficient (which makes for a smaller electric bill!) than air conditioners or furnaces.

Heat Pump Cons

Since a heat pump system can both heat and cool your home, once it breaks, you will lose both a heating and cooling system. Apart from that, if the weather outside dips into the freezing levels of cold, installing a heat pump may not be a good choice, as the heat generated indoors might not be high enough, and its generation may not be as efficient. If you live in a place with a cold climate, heat pumps may not be for you.

Also, because of their dual purpose, heat pumps are expected to work all year, making them more prone to maintenance (and maintenance costs!).

HVAC Units: Pros and Cons

Installing a central air conditioner has its own pros and cons, too.

HVAC Unit Pros 

Air conditioners or AC units can only cool, which makes it have a single specialization. The advantage of this is, if it breaks down, only your home’s cooler breaks down– your furnace or your electric heater is unaffected.

Investing in an air conditioning system also costs relatively less than investing in a heat pump system.

HVAC Unit Cons 

The greatest disadvantage of the air conditioner is that it cannot generate heat. A separate heater or furnace is needed for warmth in the cooler seasons.

Now we’ve definitely answered the question, “Are heat pumps more efficient than regular HVAC units?” with a “Yes, as long as it’s not a freezing winter.”

The bigger question is:

Have you decided on your home cooling unit?

Whether or not you’ve already decided on your preferred home cooling unit, you’re definitely going to need a few extra minds and hands for the nitty gritty details and installation process.Here at Jamison, we provide HVAC and heat pump professionals. Using high end tools and our years of valuable expertise in the field of installing, maintaining, and testing home cooling units, we are your top choice within the area.

Give us a call! Our experts will be more than happy to help with any inquiries.



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