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Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is no longer a luxury, with summer humidity, poor air quality, and cold winters it is  important to keep our homes at the temperature needed for comfort and good health. If you don’t already  have it, call your air conditioning installation services for a quote.

Jamison Air is your energy-saving installation expert, and when you have your new system installed ask them about their maintenance plan, to keep your ducts clean and free from bacteria and mold.

How large should my Air Conditioner be?

Many factors go into how to size the unit properly for our climate here in Southern California.

  • Depends on the square footage of your house. The company will calculate size and needs advising you accordingly.
  • Air Ducting condition and installation (Asbestos, Vinyl, or Mylar)
    • Asbestos was designed as a heat only application. Known to be linked to health concerns (Mesothelioma / Asbestosis)
    • Smaller sized ducting for airflow
  • Vinyl Grey or Black Outer Jacket ( Garbage bag type Material)
  • Mylar Industry Standard with R-6 insulation with a UV reflective material to help air ducts from deteriorating from being in the attic crawl space.

Other factors to consider:

  • How many windows and what type of windows?
  • Are the walls insulated?
  • Is the attic crawl space well insulated?
  • Any in-home servers?
  • Sun rooms / Three Season Porch?
  • Kitchen size?
  • Radiant Barrier in the attic?
  • Whole House fans?

How efficient is an air conditioning unit? Will my energy bills increase?

If your air conditioner is set at the right temperature, your bills will not increase. It is only when you vary the ambient temperature dramatically that it costs more.

What types of A/C are available?

  • Conventional Central Split Heating and Air Conditioning, Gas Heating with Electric Outdoor Cooling
  •  Electric Heat Pump System (Heating and Cooling), Electric Heating with Electric Outdoor Cooling
  •  Ductless Mini Split, Small Units individually installed for room with outdoor unit. (Heating and Cooling Capable)
    • More common overseas and hotel applications. Has a portable thermostat controller.
  • Ducted Mini Split, Very Similar to the Heat Pump system meant for smaller applications.
    • Has conditioned air travelling through ducting to desire rooms.
  • Wall-mounted split system, the reverse cycle is designed for single rooms, through to larger areas.
  • Floor console for rooms without much floor space.
  • Ceiling Mounted is compact and maybe the answer to your space problems.
  • Bulkhead Aircon is concealed in the ceiling and is quieter in bedrooms
  • Whole House, providing heating and cooling.

Can I turn the A/C on remotely?

Yes, with wifi you can use Alexa or Google assistant. Ask Alexa to turn your air-con on as you approach the house.

If you have a Smart Wifi thermostat (example: Nest, Ecobee, Honeywell 9000) it has the capabilities to control your heating and air conditioning system(s) from your phone.

If you are interested in connecting your thermostat to a smart device, we can have our Jamison Tech come out to take a look to see if your home has the capabilities to handle a Smart Wifi thermostat.

How long is the warranty on my new A/C system?

Typical Manufacturer Warranty is for 10 years on major components but the manufacturer stipulates that the system must be maintained twice a year by a Heating and Cooling professional to maintain warranty.

Are the installers licensed and insured?

Yes, our team has been serving Orange and Los Angeles county for over 10 years.


What is Air-Conditioning?

If you are already feeling the heat this Summer you require air conditioning, it is the process of removing  heat from a room and making it more comfortable for the occupants. Different techniques are used to move the air around. In a hot dry climate, you may use evaporative cooling to move the air about. If you have a  new baby in the house,( babies are initially unable to regulate their body temperatures, this comes later) or  young children it is important to ensure the air temperature and air quality. Since lockdown, we have all  been more worried about viruses and airborne bacteria. A/C will improve the quality of air in your home and  regular maintenance and duct cleaning will kill the residual contaminants.

Air Conditioning Installation Services What Should my System be Set for Optimal Energy  Efficiency?

As it is Summer, The US Department of Energy recommends setting your thermostat to 78F (26C). This will  allow you to stay cool without attracting a huge bill. This temperature ensures maximum energy efficiency in most places unless you are in an extremely tropical climate.

If you want to save money, and your house feels cool at night, turn it off when you go to bed, and on again when you get up. Of course, this doesn’t work everywhere and is not suitable in high humidity where you  want it on all the time.

Saving On Energy Bills

  • Turn it off for 6 hours overnight.
  • To save on your utility bills consider using thermostats and timers.
  • Draw curtains and shutters on hot summer days.

Heat Pump

A heat pump works by taking heat from the air and transferring it to a refrigerator coolant, then moving the  air to the indoor coolant passing it over the heat pump making your air cool. The heat pump has lower  running costs and reduces carbon emissions. They are sometimes difficult to install. Using a heat pump can save you money by moving warm air around rather than producing heat.

For all your air conditioning installation services you will need to call the experts

Jamison Heating and Cooling Services

It is important for your family’s comfort and health to have the best service available to keep your home  comfortable all year round.


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