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HVAC systems have gained popularity over the past decade as a means to live comfortably during  different seasons. With the right HVAC system, you get to cool or heat your home to your desired temperatures while reducing the cost of energy. Rheem HVAC units are recognized globally for high  efficiency and effectiveness for both residential and commercial use.  

Name of the Brand 

The Rheem® brand is responsible for selling the Rheem HVAC units. Rheem® products are not  only reliable and efficient, but they’re quiet, making your home comfortable.  

The brand focuses on maximizing innovation while providing engineering solutions for a  sustainable environment. Sustainability starts from material selection, recycling, and the type of  products in each package unit. 

Rheem® is committed to serving its consumers, partners, employees, and the planet at large. This is  why the company is the leader in the manufacture of eco-friendly products and empowers the  customers, partners, and employees to do the same and live sustainably.  

For almost 100 years now, Rheem® has demonstrated a high degree of leadership that other  brands should emulate. The brand inspires its team members to be independent thinkers who will  positively contribute to the industry and the community.  

Background about Company 

Rheem Manufacturing Company was founded in 1925 by two brothers, Richard and Donald Rheem, in Emeryville, CA. The company has been in operation for nearly 100 years and is still one of the  few firms that produce cooling, heating, spa heating, commercial refrigeration, and water heating  products. 

As a result of its massive success from 1925, a third brother, William Rheem, joined the firm and helped finance the business. As a result, the company acquired John Wood Manufacturing Company  of California in 1931 and started producing automatic gas storage water heaters, and expanded its  operation in Australia.  

In the early 1970s, the company began manufacturing HVAC units and heat pumps. Today, Rheem is  the largest producer and manufacturer of water heating products and HVAC units in North America.  The company is fully operational in countries like the U.S.A, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and China.  

What Kinds of Units do they have (Product types, models)? 

Mini-Split Systems: Rheem® produces high-quality Mini-Split Systems that provide efficiency and  flexibility for heating and cooling your home. Regardless of the size or the number of rooms, the  revolutionary ductless solution will help you control the temperatures. 

Heat pumps:  Rheem heat pumps are designed to offer you year-round comfort. They provide you  heat during cold seasons and cool your home during hot seasons. The heat pumps are ideal for those looking for a versatile cooling and heating solution.

Air handlers: Rheem® air handlers enhance efficiency and lower your utility bills. The company  prioritizes the manufacture of high-quality air handlers, which exceed the minimum efficiency  standards. 

Cooling coils: If you have trouble replacing, installing, or adding air conditioning, worry not;  Rheem® got you covered. The company has different indoor cooling coils: cased, uncased, vertical  upflow or downflow, or horizontal left or right airflow.  

Furnaces: Rheem® produces energy-efficient gas furnaces to fit your needs. The company has a  wide range of electric heating and natural gas furnace models with advanced features and uses the  latest technology. With these furnaces, you are guaranteed a comfortable home with the best heating solutions. 

Air conditioners-Rheem air conditioners are simply the finest in the industry. The manufacturers  prioritize top-quality features and innovations that are reliable in the long run. You can also be sure  of excellent warranties and top-notch services from the company. 

Rheem Manufacturing Company has been operating for almost 100 years and guarantees the best  products and services globally. Rheem is interested in providing quality products and has a corporate social responsibility to ensure that the products are environmentally friendly.  

If you’re looking for reliable installation and repair services for Rheem® products, look no further than Jamison Air. We offer quality services at an affordable price. 

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