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Looking to replace your HVAC unit, and you don’t know where to start? Research indicates that you’re not alone. About 90% of homeowners depend on their local HVAC service provider to pick the right brands for their homes.

Among the best HVAC brands you can find in the market is the Goodman HVAC unit. Since 1975, the company has created quality Goodman HVAC units to provide reliable, top-quality, and inexpensive indoor comfort. 

Below we’ll learn everything about the Goodman HVAC brand: Brand name, background about the company, what kind of units they have, range of cost, and much more. Let’s get started.

Name of Brand

The brand name for Goodman HVAC Unit is Goodman®. The company is famous for creating quality, low-cost HVAC units. The products are ISO 9001- and 14001-certified, meaning their quality standards are accepted worldwide. Besides, Goodman boasts of the A rating from the Better Business Bureau® award, which recognizes the brand as an industry expert.

Goodman products are designed and assembled in the USA, ensuring high-quality standards and increased reliability. Among other things, the Goodman brand is known for;

  • Great Warranties
  • Reliable HVAC products
  • Quality and longer-lasting products
  • Affordable easy to install systems

Background about Company

Goodman Manufacturing Company was founded in 1975 by Harold V. Goodman. The Founder was a renowned air conditioning dealer across Houston in 1954. His prowess and popularity grew even further, and in the 1960s, he became a household name in the whole nation.

Having acquired so much experience and skills, in 1975, Goodman started building HVAC equipment which later led to the formation of the Goodman brand. 

Initially, the company focussed on manufacturing flexible air ducts and blade registers. However, it would later concentrate on manufacturing affordable HVAC equipment, which it became famous for. The brand continued growing, and in 1982, it acquired Janitrol, which enabled Goodman to add gas heating equipment to its line of products in 1986.

Over time the brand has worked hard to modernize its product line and use advanced heating and cooling technologies to provide reliable but highly affordable HVAC units.

Goodman product types, models

Goodman creates different types of HVAC units. Some of the Goodman brand products you can purchase include: 

Air conditioners

Goodman offers reliable, high-quality, but highly affordable Air conditioners. They have different AC models which have varying SEER ratings and noise levels. The Goodman Air conditioning models include;

  • Goodman DSXC18- 18 SEER
  • Goodman DSXC16- 16 SEER
  • Goodman GSX16- 16 SEER
  • Goodman GSX14- 14 SEER
  • Goodman GSX13- 13 SEER

Some general features you’d like about ACs created by Goodman include;

  • Quiet operation- Thanks to their advanced fan design and sound control blanket
  • High efficiency- Has the Next Generation Copeland Scroll ™ Two-Stage Compressor that offers up to 19 SEER
  • Uses ComfortBridge™ Technology to continuously check the system’s performance for a customized environment.
  • Solid- Galvanized steel cabinet

Gas furnace

Goodman has several gas furnace models with different SEER ratings. They include:

  • Goodman DSZC18- 18 SEER
  • Goodman DSZC16- 16 SEER
  • Goodman GSZ16- 16 SEER
  • Goodman GSZ14- 14 SEER
  • Goodman GSZ13- 13 SEER

The company prides itself on having the best hvac warranties for its gas furnaces. It has a Lifetime Limited Warranty for the entire system if it fails during the first 10 years and only applies to the original homeowner. They also offer a 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty on all parts.

Some features of Goodman gas furnaces you’d love include;

  • Quiet and have variable speed.
  • Efficient – Enjoy up to 96% AFUE 
  • Solid – Aluminized-steel dual-diameter tubular heat exchanger and stainless-steel secondary heat exchanger.

Air Handlers

Goodman offers the best selection of top-quality air handlers. They range from 2 Ton air conditioner air handlers to 5 Ton AC air handlers.

Evaporator Coils

You can get different evaporator coils from Goodman. The most common include A Coil, Uncased Coils, Cased Coils, and Slab Coils. These evaporator coils are also available in different capacities ranging from 1.5 Ton to 5 Ton.

Package Units

Goodman has different package units depending on your heating and cooling needs. Some of these include; Goodman Air Conditioner Package Units, Goodman Heat Pump Package Units, Goodman Gas Electric Package Units, and Goodman Dual Fuel Package Units.

Range of Cost

It will cost anything between $3,188 to $4,275 to install a Goodman air conditioner, subject to the size and model of the AC system.

Installing a Goodman heat pump will set you back $4,995 to $6,100 in installation fees. Similar to the air conditioning system, the cost of installing a heat pump will depend on the size of the Goodman heat pump system and SEER rating needed for your space.

The prices of installing a gas furnace are slightly lower than ACs and heat pumps. Expect to pay about $1,100 to $3,650 to have a furnace installed in your home. 

These installation costs for Goodman HVAC units may also vary depending on your area of residence. To get exact local prices, contact Jamison Air HVAC installers today!


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