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Bryant HVAC units are sold under the brand name Bryant® Heating & Cooling. The well renowned brand offers heat pumps, air conditioning systems, and gas and oil furnaces. The  heating and air conditioning systems by Bryant® offer some of the best energy-efficient HVAC systems at a competitive price.  

Bryant® Heating & Cooling is considered one of the complete lineups of any brand. The  company makes about 17 central air conditioners whose efficiency ranges from 13 SEER to 20.5 SEER. 

Since its formation, this brand has maintained its position as a leader in producing HVAC  units. In fact, Bryant is regarded as the cheaper version of its sister company, Carrier, mainly because it offers the same-quality home heating and cooling services but at a lower  price. 

Background of the Company 

Bryant® Heating & Cooling was founded in 1904 by Charles Bryant in Cleveland, Ohio.  Initially known as National Gas Regulator, the company was changed to Bryant Heating and  Manufacturing Company in 1908. The firm was selling gas-fired boilers for four years after  it was founded. 

In the 1920s, the company dominated the U.S. market, selling gas boilers. Dresser  Industries acquired Bryant Heating and Manufacturing Company in the 1930s. It also  acquired Day & Night Water Heater Co. and Payne Furnace & Supply Co. After several years,  Day & Night, Payne, and Bryant bought their way out of Dresser Inc. and formed the  Affiliated Gas Equipment Inc. (AGE)

Shortly after Charles Bryant died in 1946, AGE was sold to the Carrier Corporation in the  mid-1950s. It was then that the company’s headquarters were moved to Indianapolis.  

Today, Bryant® Heating & Cooling is owned by Carrier – who is owned by United  Technologies Corp. Popularly known as UTC, the firm also produces Payne, Day $ Night,  Heil, and other brands. 

What kind of units do they have (product types, models)? 

Bryant® Heating & Cooling produces and sells heat pumps, residential air conditioners,  and gas and oil furnaces under the product names Legacy Line, Preferred Series, and  Evolution System. 

Bryant Air Conditioners 

Evolution® System air conditioners

  • Evolution® Variable Speed Air Conditioner 
  • Evolution® Two-Stage Air Conditioner 
  • Evolution® Extreme Variable Speed Air Conditioner 

Preferred™ Series Air Conditioners

  • Preferred™ Two-Stage Air Conditioner 
  • Preferred™ Single-Stage Air Conditioner 
  • Preferred™ Compact Air Conditioner 

Legacy™ Line Air Conditioners

  • Legacy™ Line Single-Stage Air Conditioner (106A) 
  • Legacy™ Line Single-Stage Air Conditioner (116B) 
  • Legacy™ Line Single-Stage Air Conditioner (105A) 

Bryant Gas Furnaces 

Evolution® Variable Speed Gas Furnaces

  • Evolution® 98 Variable Speed Modulating Gas Furnace 
  • Evolution® 96 Variable Speed Gas Furnace 
  • Evolution® Variable Speed 80% Efficiency Gas Furnace 

Preferred™ Series Variable Speed Gas Furnaces

  • Preferred™ 96 Two-Stage Gas Furnace 
  • Preferred™ Series 90+% Efficiency Gas Furnace 
  • Preferred™ Series Variable Speed 80% Efficiency Gas Furnace 

Legacy™ Line Fixed Speed Gas Furnaces

  • Legacy™ Line Fixed Speed 90+% Efficiency Gas Furnace
  • Legacy™ Line Fixed Speed 80% Efficiency Gas Furnace 
  • Legacy™ Line 80 Multi-Speed, Ultra-Low Nox Gas Furnace 

Bryant Oil Furnaces 

Preferred™ Series Oil Furnaces

  • Preferred™ Series OVL Oil Furnace 
  • Preferred™ Series OVM Oil Furnace 
  • Preferred™ Series 80 Oil Furnace 

Legacy™ Line Oil Furnaces

  • Legacy™ Line OBL Oil Furnace 
  • Legacy™ Line OBM Oil Furnace 
  • Legacy™ Line Oil Furnace 

Bryant Heat Pumps 

Evolution® Systems Heat Pumps

  • Evolution® Extreme Variable Speed 
  • Evolution® Variable Speed Heat Pump 
  • Evolution® Two-Stage Coastal Heat Pump 

Preferred™ Series Heat Pump

  • Preferred™ Two-Stage Heat Pump 
  • Preferred™ Single-Stage Heat Pump 
  • Preferred™ Compact Heat Pump 

Legacy™ Line Heat Pumps

  • Legacy™ Single-Stage Heat Pump (215B) 
  • Legacy™ Single Stage Coastal Heat Pump 
  • Legacy™ Single-Stage Heat Pump (214D) 

Bryant® Heating & Cooling aims to earn customers’ trust by taking care of their indoor comfort needs. Whether you’re buying an air purifier, a furnace, a heat pump, or any other  product from Bryant®, you can be sure you’ll get a quality, durable, and reliable product.  

While Bryant HVAC units are quality, their installation will also affect their performance, durability, and energy efficiency. That’s why you need to look for qualified dealers who  offer quality HVAC installation and repair services. 

Jameson Air is your go-to dealer if you’re looking for HVAC units installation, service repair,  or install repair. For years, we’ve been offering heating and cooling services to our  customers across the country. Contact us today for more information! 


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