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Our homes are where we spend most of our time or go back to after a tiring day. It’s a haven of  sorts and must be a comfortable space where the temperature, humidity, and air purity are well  controlled for utmost comfort. And to achieve this, you need to install an HVAC system working  optimally.

So what is the correct HVAC for your space? Which system will provide you with optimal  functionality throughout the year while saving on costs and protecting the environment?

Well, among the most common HVAC systems is the Amana HVAC unit. If this is the first time  you’re hearing about this system, welcome aboard to learn about it in detail.

In this article, we will talk about Amana Heating and Air Conditioning units, including the brand  name, the company’s history, the types of units it offers, the price range, and where you can  acquire Amana air conditioners and HVAC equipment.

Name of brand

Amana® is the brand name for Amana HVAC units. Since 1934, the company has been creating  air conditioning equipment that has undergone inventive engineering, world-class manufacturing  techniques, and unwavering commitment.

Amana provides a wide range of products, including heating and cooling systems, gas furnaces,  and heat pumps. These technologies work together to increase your home’s comfort while  lowering energy costs.

The complete limited warranty coverage is available on some of the company’s air conditioners  and heat pumps. On high-efficiency air conditioners and heat pumps, Amana provides a Lifetime  Limited Warranty for the compressor to the original, registered single-family homeowner of a  correctly matched system.

The company also has an Asure Extended Service plan, which supplements the standard product  warranty by giving labor coverage and additional years of parts coverage depending on the plan  chosen. With an Asure Extended Service Plan, you can be assured that your heating and air  conditioning system will not be subjected to unexpected maintenance or part replacement  charges.

Background of the company

The company has been operational since 1934, when Amana, Iowa native George Foerstner accepted the challenge of inventing a trustworthy beverage cooler. The Amana brand  successfully addressed that challenge. Ever since, Americans have relied on superior, long lasting products from the Amana brand for home use.

The business introduced another unique product, the walk-in beverage cooler, two years later.  The product was also known as the cold storage locker, which quickly became vital for  commercial enterprises such as grocery shops and restaurants.

Today, the brand remains devoted to its legacy of providing homeowners and businesses with  long-lasting heating and cooling equipment. This is thanks to the technology behind the  company’s unique heat exchanger and the inclusion of high-quality filter driers in each of its air  conditioners and heat pumps.

What kind of units does the company have?

Amana® provides a wide range of goods to its clients, including cooling systems and heat  pumps. These systems are designed to meet the demands and preferences of their users.

The company has a variety of HVAC units to choose from, which include:

Air conditioners 

Amana offers energy-efficient air conditioners, allowing consumers to save money on their  utility bills. The air conditioners are more efficient, which lowers the operating costs.

The conditioners are not only long-lasting, but they also operate silently. Some of the notable  characteristics of Amana ACs are:

  • An Energy-Saving Compressor
  • Condenser Fan Motor with Single Speed
  • Adequate Cooling Capacity
  • Inline Filter Drier with Factory Installation
  • Enclosure made of heavy-gauge galvanized steel with a sound-control top ∙ SEER 14-24.5
  • Compatible with communication systems
  • Quiet operation
  • Operate in a single-stage

Gas Furnaces 

Amana gas furnaces are created to save you money on winter heating expenditures by making  your home more pleasant and habitable. You get the following benefits from an Amana gas  furnace:

  • Stainless steel tubular primary heat exchanger
  • Quiet variable-speed circulator
  • Multi-speed ECM blower
  • AFUE of 80-90 percent

Heat pumps

The correct Amana heat pump will keep your home toasty on those chilly winter nights. Even  more, these heat pumps offer unrivaled comfort and energy efficiency to their users. The  following are some of Amana’s heat pump features:

  • SEER up to 18
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • R-410 environmentally-friendly coolant
  • Operation of a two-stage or single-stage compressor

Air handlers and coils 

The air handlers by Amana have several features you can enjoy. They include;

  • Up to 23 SEER.
  • Integrated Communicating ComfortBridge™ Technology.
  • Variable-Speed ECM Blower Motor.

The AC and heaters have quality coils that absorb heat to enable heat exchange for proper  cooling and heating.

Cost range

HVAC systems are priced differently depending on their size, model, and installation fees. On  their part, Amana makes some of the cheapest HVAC systems, with prices about $1,000 lower than their closest competitors. Amana Air Conditioners, for example, will set you back anywhere  from $3,800 to $6,500. (including the installation fee).

Let’s face it, with increasing global warming, climate changes are highly unpredictable, making HVAC equipment a must-have. If you’re looking for quality and highly affordable HVAC  systems, then Amana HVAC systems are what you might need. At Jamison Air, we deal with all  kinds of HVAC systems repair and installation. Contact us today for further information about Amana products and what might be the right system for your home or business.


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